Every kid deserves to love learning

Middle School


High School


  • Access to a high-quality, individualized, home-based educational program that fully replaces regular school
  • Coaching, mentorship, live workshop facilitation, and assessment provided by a highly qualified and experienced educator
  • Program runs 5 days per week and includes daily live virtual workshops, standups and feedback sessions with a cohort of peers
  • Individualized learning routine for your child that includes adaptive learning technology and interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum created by our team of educators
  • Custom library of interdisciplinary themes that maximize kids' engagement, provide lots of choice, and foster a love of learning
  • Frequent and personalized written and verbal feedback on learning and progress from an expert coach and bi-weekly learner|coach 1-on-1s
  • Learner-led clubs covering a range of interests—from chess and art to gaming and baking
  • A detailed portfolio of your child's work that we can convert to a transcript

Financial Aid

We believe a world-class education should be accessible to everyone., so we offer need-based partial scholarships to families who couldn't otherwise join Prisma. Scholarships range from 15-40% off tuition, depending upon family income. To be considered for a Prisma Scholarship, please complete a financial aid application, which is linked within our main application.

See Admissions for how to apply.

Prisma Scholarships

Frequently asked questions

What does Prisma cost?
What if I can't afford Prisma?

Because we believe that your ability to receive a phenomenal education shouldn’t depend on your ability to pay, we offer financial support for families who cannot afford our standard tuition. Our goal is that 40% of learners receive a scholarship, so please don't let your ability to pay stop you from applying!

How do I request financial aid?

You can request financial aid within your child’s application.

How much financial support can I expect?

Within your child’s application you will be asked to state your household income along with what you can pay for Prisma. Given this information and any other factors you wish to share, we’ll evaluate your request for financial aid. We have limited spots available at various tuition levels within our cohorts, so we recommend that you both state the maximum you can pay and apply as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of a scholarship being available.

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