Every child deserves to love learning

With Prisma, you get...

  • Accredited, personalized, project-based curriculum designed by in-house team (most of whom have PhDs!) that covers all subjects required for graduation
  • Live workshops, classes, and support time facilitated by an expert teacher 4 days per week
  • Extracurriculars, enrichments, social clubs, and lounges where kids explore interests and make friends
  • Frequent written and verbal feedback on learning and goals from an expert coach (97% of parents are satisfied with their child's coach, and coach retention this year was 100%!)
  • Parent Circles, Family-led Travel Club, Expert Guest Speaker Series, & other special events
  • A detailed, accredited transcript documenting your child's learning

Grades 4-8

  • Prisma Coach program: $10,430
  • Parent-coach program: $4,875
  • Parent-coach + Math program: $5,875

High School


    Mentor coach and peer cohort matching options diminish as cohorts fill up. Apply now for the best odds of an ideal match! The application takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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    Prisma Scholarships

    We believe a world-class education should be accessible to everyone. So the Prisma Scholarship Fund gives out over $160,000 in scholarships each year to learners who otherwise wouldn't be able to join Prisma.  

    • Prisma Scholarships range from 10-40% off tuition for our Middle and High School programs only (not available with the Parent-Coach program)
    • Need-based, with household pre-tax income below $150,000 USD
    • Scholarships are awarded for the full academic year, with first-round offers sent each April and subsequent offers made on a funds-available basis (Awards have already been distributed for 2024-25.)
    • To be considered for a scholarship, please indicate that you need financial aid within your child's Prisma Application

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      Parent of our virtual high school gives us a best review.
      "Levi loves the kids and community. He is constantly think-tanking ideas for Prisma. He is looking for ways to be helpful and involved in the lives of others. He's being challenged in his assumptions and worldviews. I have *never* signed up for something and gotten this much more than I anticipated. Lastly, the relationships he has formed with staff are beautiful!"
      Joy J.
      Prisma Parent
      Our financial model
      Other virtual programs that offer a personalized learning experience with 1-on-1 mentorship and collaborative peer opportunities cost as much as $35,000+ per year

      Free and lower cost options come with little to no teacher support; inconsistent and infrequent peer interactions; and dry, repetitive, one-size-fits-all curriculum that's often pre-recorded with learning measured by multiple-choice tests.

      Prisma's tuition is intentionally set to be sustainable. There's no added fluff because we're passionate about accessibility and creating a positive impact!

      Your child's tuition primarily goes to support the educators who power Prisma.
      • Prisma's interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum is designed from scratch by our in-house curriculum team, most of whom have PhDs or Masters in various specialties. They create standards-aligned themes around topics kids love that equip them with real-world skills to thrive in the future.
      • About half of your child's tuition goes directly to their mentor coach. Prisma coaches are expert educators, many of whom have Masters degrees in Education. We hire only 0.5% of teacher applicants, and our coaching team receives competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. (They aren't a revolving cast of low-cost contractors.) The Parent-coach program passes the savings to you if you take on the role of mentoring your child 1-on-1 and providing personalized academic feedback.
      • A portion of each learner's tuition also goes to fund Prisma Scholarships, which enable kids to join Prisma who couldn't otherwise.
      Check out our Grades 4-8 or High School program for more details about what's included in your child's Prisma tuition.
      Best online high school reviews
      “The school we applied to last spring before hearing of Prisma was $30,000 (for middle school level)! The Prisma pedagogy, dynamic leadership team, and the lower cost is a gift to us in more ways than one.”
      Moriah B.
      Prisma Parent
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      Frequently asked questions

      What is Prisma's tuition?

      Annual tuition is based on the USD currency and is $10,430 for our middle school (Grades 4-8) or $11,630 for our high school (Grades 9-12). Families choose whether to pay annually (with a discount), by session (3 times per year), or monthly, and tuition is pro-rated for mid-year entrants.

      Families who receive need-based scholarships typically receive between 10-40% off the full-year tuition. Learn more about tuition and Prisma Scholarships here.

      Over half of your child's tuition goes toward employing their expert Learning Coach, who leads their small, tight-knit cohort and mentors each learner 1-on-1! Parents of learners in grades 4-8 who are excited to take on the role of Mentor Coach can apply to join our Parent-Coach Program ($4,875 annual tuition). This program is ideal for parents who are experienced homeschoolers or educators who feel equipped to serve as their child's mentor coach, regularly meeting with your child and giving them feedback on their academic work. Learners who are part of the Parent-Coach program still experience every other aspect of Prisma (project-based curriculum, daily live workshops, extracurricular opportunities, official transcripts, etc.). The only difference is the 1:1 mentorship, feedback, and support comes from you as a Parent-Coach instead of from a Prisma educator.

      Where does my child's tuition go?

      Other virtual programs range from free (with limited peer and teacher interaction and often dry, repetitive curriculum) to traditional private schools (costing upwards of $40,000/year), Prisma's tuition is as low as it can be while sustaining our program. There's no added fluff!

      Your child's tuition goes to support the educators who power Prisma:  Our Team

      • Approximately half of your child's tuition goes directly to their mentor coach. Prisma coaches are expert educators (we receive at least 100 applicants for every coach we hire), and we show we value them with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. 100% of our coaches are returning next year, which means they'll foster even stronger cohort bonds and mentor relationships!
      • Prisma's interdisciplinary project-based curriculum is designed from scratch by our world-class Curriculum team, most of whom have PhDs or Masters in specialty areas of education. They create themes around topics kids love that equip them with the skills to thrive in the future.
      • A portion of each learner's tuition also goes to fund Prisma Scholarships, which enable kids to join Prisma who couldn't otherwise.

      Check out our Grades 4-8 or High School program for more details about what's included in your child's Prisma tuition.

      How do I request financial aid?

      You can request financial aid within your child’s application.

      If we decide to join Prisma, how does tuition payment work?

      There's no fee to apply to Prisma. After you apply and complete your family interview, we'll send you an email with your child's admissions decision (along with an associated financial aid decision, when applicable). At that time, if you decide to join Prisma, you'd pay a $500 USD nonrefundable deposit to formally reserve your child's seat in their cohort. The deposit is applied toward your child's Prisma tuition.

      After the deposit, billing options for your child's tuition balance are:

      1. Pay in Full with a 5% discount (Prisma Scholarship awardees are eligible for this discount)
      2. Pay by Session (3 times per year)
      3. Pay Monthly (10 equal monthly auto-pay installments)

      While the vast majority of kids thrive and continue to learn with Prisma year after year, if at any point you feel Prisma isn't the best fit for your child you can withdraw them by giving a 30-day notice. We 'd close our your account and apply a prorated refund, when applicable. We'd also share your child's transcript and learner records upon request.

      How large of a scholarship can I expect?

      Within your child’s application you will be asked to state your pre-tax household income along with what you can pay for Prisma. Given this information and any other factors you wish to share, we’ll evaluate your request for a Prisma Scholarship. We have limited spots available at various tuition levels within our cohorts, so we recommend that you both state the maximum you can pay and apply as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of a scholarship being available. Scholarships typically range from 10-40% off the annual tuition for our full program (i.e. Your child may be able to join Prisma's full program for as little as $6,000 per year).

      We also have a Parent-Coach program for learners in grades 4-8 with annual tuition of $4,800.

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