Parent-coach program

For experienced homeschool parents, or those who otherwise feel capable of providing their 4-8th grade learner with support on their Prisma work.

Parent-coach program

For homeschool families, educators, and parents who have the capacity and enthusiasm to coach their 4-8th grade learner in their independent Prisma work

Like homeschooling, with superpowers

Lots of homeschool families are looking for more support with sourcing curriculum and building community but don't want to fully stop being their child's teacher and guide. Learners in grades 4-8 whose parents are experienced homeschoolers or educators who are prepared to serve as their child's mentor coach—regularly meeting with them and giving them feedback on their academic work—tend to thrive in the Parent-coach program. Learners who are part of this program still experience every other aspect of Prisma (project-based curriculum, daily live workshops, extracurricular opportunities, accredited transcripts, etc.). The only difference is that you are your child's mentor coach.

Full program

($5,875 with Math coaching)

Daily engaging, collaborative live workshops
Accredited, personalized, project-based curriculum for all subjects
1-on-1 mentorship from Prisma Coach
Iterative feedback from expert teachers
Tight-knit peer cohort community
Flexible model for kids to learn from anywhere
* Check out our Grades 4-8 program for more details about what's included in your child's Prisma tuition.
* Parent-coach is available for Middle School only. Check out our full High School program for grades 9-12.

Expectations of parent-coach

#1 Daily check-ins with your child
Check in daily with your child to see if they met their daily learning goals (i.e. to see how much progress they made in their projects and missions) and to set goals for the following day.
Estimated time for the parent: 30+ mins / day
#2 Review your child's work
Read through your child's work 2-3 times weekly and provide them with feedback. Where needed, encourage them to revise and improve their work. Prisma provides guidelines for what strong work should look like.
Estimated time for the parent: 30 - 60 mins / week
#3 Complete assessments
When your child completes a mission or project, fill out our brief assessment form so that your assigned support coach can review and approve the feedback.
Estimated time for the parent: 60 mins / month
#4 Regular parent-coach support meetings
Attend training meetings with your assigned support coach and other parent-coaches once per cycle, to preview curriculum and share best practices.
Estimated time for the parent: 60 mins / month
What is included in our parent-coach program?

Learners enrolled in this program still participate in all our workshops, standups, Expo days, clubs and learner events. Like all our learners, they are part of a close-knit cohort of other learners that they meet with daily. They also get full access to our accredited curriculum, assessments, and receive a Prisma transcript. Also included in this program is a support coach who meets regularly with our parent-coaches and looks over the feedback they are providing to ensure that their child is on track and is meeting or exceeding expectations.

Who is a good fit for this program?

This program is open to learners whose parents:

  • Are educators or have homeschooled for several years (and thus have a track record of being their child’s primary teacher) or can otherwise demonstrate their ability to closely support their child with their academic work and 
  • Are able to dedicate at least 3-4 hours per week for more independent, higher autonomy learners and up to 8 hours per week for learners who are not yet adept at working independently.
What is the support provided to a parent-coach?

We will assign you a support coach (who is a highly experienced educator) who will work with your family. This coach will: 

  • Meet with you at the beginning of the year to learn more about your child and your family and to develop a custom learning schedule and plan for your child.
  • Meet with you and a small group of other families at the start of each 6-week cycle to preview upcoming curriculum, debrief, and share best practices. (You will also be provided with a detailed coaching guide for each cycle.)
  • Review your child's work on a weekly basis to ensure they are on-track and provide you with observations on the feedback you are giving your child.
  • Offer an optional 1-on-1 check-in at the end of each session to discuss your child’s progress, learning goals and development needs. 
  • Answer any questions and be available for on-demand meetings as need arises. 
  • Review the assessment forms that you have completed for your child and provide guidance as necessary.
How does math work for parent-coach families?

We provide two options for parent-coach families:

1) Parent-coach math (no additional charge)
We will provide you with access to the adaptive learning apps that Prisma uses for math, daily goals for your child based on their ability, in-app instructional videos to help your child learn key concepts and detailed in-app explanations for problems that your child gets wrong. Your child will also attend math workshops three times per week facilitated by our world-class math coaches. You’ll also have access to our project-based performance tasks and summative assessments that help to gauge your child’s understanding of key concepts (including rubrics to help you assess your child) as well as weekly office hours (optional) with our math coach.

OR 2) Full Prisma math coaching (additional annual charge: $900)
In addition to the above, you'll also get access to unlimited messages and personalized support from a highly qualified math coach to ensure your child grasps all concepts, plus access to small-group interventions, office hours, and detailed coach assessments on your child's math performance.

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