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Prisma's accredited online program unleashes your 4-12th grader's potential through innovative curriculum, 1:1 coaching, and a supportive community.
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“He feels seen, supported and loved which makes all the difference. I mention Prisma to everyone who will listen!”
Wren W.
Prisma Parent

Learning isn't one-size-fits-all

Kids naturally love learning, but studies show kids lose interest in school by 4th grade. When education is tailored to each child's needs and passions, their love of learning skyrockets. Kids love Prisma because of our: 

Inspiring coaches
Experienced educators who learn what motivates your child and provide 1:1 support.
Personalized curriculum
Kids go at their own pace and choose rigorous, hands-on projects to demonstrate their learning.
Supportive community
Your child will build meaningful friendships in our small peer cohorts where kids grow together.
of parents say their child is happier at Prisma than their last school
"You are providing the education I want for my daughter. The patterns of thinking I see her developing I did not start thinking until I was in my twenties."
Austin B.
Prisma Parent
"We love the staff, the adaptability for each student, and the noticing of each student's strengths." 
LIa N.
Prisma Parent
"Levi loves the kids and community. The relationships he has formed with staff are beautiful! I have never signed up for something and gotten so much more than I anticipated."
Joy J.
Prisma Parent
"Between boredom, a lack of autonomy, and the constant transitions from topic to topic, he was MISERABLE in brick and mortar school. He is happy and thriving at Prisma!"
Kym J.
Prisma Parent
"His sense of pride and accomplishment has gone through the roof. He has told all of our family and friends about his podcast."
Lashonda S.
Prisma Parent
"Prisma does a fabulous job helping Soren with time management, communication, and executive functioning. We are thankful you believed in him!"
Moriah B.
Prisma Parent
"Prisma's inclusive culture gives students a real sense of belonging. Our kids love their coaches. And we've seen them both excited about math for the first time!"
Chapin S.
Prisma Parent
"I am blown away by how much Jack has grown in such a short time. Knowing that he is with a group who celebrates him instead of tearing him down is such a relief."
Allison V.
Prisma Parent
"I heard him tell a friend this weekend that school was fun. I have never heard him say that before!"
Beth C.
Prisma Parent
"Wesley loves Prisma. He's like a new person! It's so nice to see him excited about learning again."
David S.
Prisma Parent
"Your focus on the kids as full individual humans with unlimited potential to be unlocked is the biggest reason we are proud to be a Prisma family!"
Mary M.
Prisma Parent
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of kids agree the Prisma curriculum is 'hard fun'
From STEM to Social Studies, kids gain real-world skills and master academics through interdisciplinary themes like "Cities of the Future" and "Build a Business." 
In each theme, coaches support kids in tackling a project of their choice: from pitching an invention to building a history exhibit to writing a sci-fi story.
Coaches lead daily workshops where kids collaborate, debate, and dive into real-world simulations, like Shark Tank investing or re-homing an endangered species.
Coaches give individualized feedback, and kids earn Badges— from Data Analysis to Persuasive Writing—for mastering grade-level skills on an accredited transcript.

Our Prisma Story

"Prior to enrolling our son, Major at Prisma, we struggled with his behavior at public school. He was getting into fights, was called a "distraction" because he learned at a different pace, and he was struggling with the one-size curriculum.  His spirit was broken, because he felt like a failure. He said “Mom, please don’t make me go back to that school.”

Since starting Prisma, Major has matured in his course work and at home. We don’t fight about chores or getting his work done, he is highly motivated to engage with his coach and peers, and he feels understood and supported. Hearing him laugh with his peers as I work in my office makes me smile. His engagement and motivation since joining Prisma is at levels we have NEVER seen when he attended public school. He never wanted to join any extracurricular activities, now he is in the cooking enrichment and taking Japanese!

Prisma has reignited the spark and joy in Major and has brought back the amazing human we knew was there all along."

-Latasha Harris, Prisma Parent
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Choose the version of Prisma that fits your family

Full Prisma Program
$9,750 (Gr. 4-8)/$10,750 (High School)

Parent-Coach Program
$4,800 (Gr. 4-8); For experienced educators or homeschool parents

Flexible model for kids to learn from anywhere
Project-based, personalized, accredited curriculum for all subjects
Daily engaging, collaborative live workshops
Close-knit cohorts with teacher:learner ratio of 1:20
Regular 1:1 meetings with mentor coach
Daily academic feedback from experienced teacher
of parents agree that Prisma is preparing their child for their adult life.

Some experts predict that 65% of today's elementary schoolers will grow up to do jobs that haven't been invented yet. The world is changing, but most schools have stayed the same. We’ve redesigned school to equip your child with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing future.
Prisma Powers
Applied Curiosity
The ability to ask great questions & find the answers
Communication & CollaborationWork well with a team, and share a clear message orally & in writing
Innovator’s MindsetBuild creative solutions to problems & iterate based on feedback
Initiative & Follow ThroughMake your dreams happen by taking ownership & doing your best
Our values
Learning should be 'hard fun'
Learning happens through doing and making
Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all
The deepest learning comes from intrinsic motivation
Learning happens in community
Kids should learn how to think, not what to think
Learning should have a purpose in the real world

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Whether you're homeschooling pros looking to grow your network, or new to learning from home and looking for likeminded families to lean on, we’d love to welcome you to our:
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