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We are the world's first co-learning network that gives kids the freedom to be their best selves.
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What families are saying

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My daughter is thriving in an environment that allows her to control her own destiny. I don't want to go back to the days of my daughter complaining about teachers and curriculum that she felt were negatively affecting her love of learning.

Brad White  Parent of Prisma learner
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It has been a true joy for us to listen in on his conversations and hear how he's working with others and excited to get the work done.One of his initial concerns was that because it was digital, he wouldn't make any friends.  His favorite thing at dinner the other day was that "I made two friends already!”

Tara Stand  Parent of Prisma learner
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The attention and care for the kids is so clear and just exudes from the screen. It is so clear that there is a connection being formed—a bond between the kids and the coaches.

John Anderson  Parent of Prisma learner

Virtual learning for the real world

Instead of trying to deliver traditional education from a distance, we harness the power of technology to make online education engaging, challenging, and personalized. Learners split their time each day between live online group collaboration and independent, self-directed learning. Kids go at their own pace through academic content, using Prisma’s cutting-edge curriculum as well as the best resources the internet has to offer.

Facilitated by a dynamic, expert learning coach

At Prisma, there are no boring lectures, no teacher-dominated discussions and no pointless busy work. Our learning coaches facilitate connections, help learners set and meet goals, and provide 1-on-1 mentorship and feedback. We carefully select our coaches for their unique ability to bring out the very best in every learner.

Learn what matters to you

A learning experience designed to help kids discover their interests, hone their skills, develop their worldview, and prepare them for a world changing faster than ever.
Learners prepare for high school academics by diving deep into topics that interest them in each of seven core disciplines: Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Tech & Design, Arts & Culture and Self & Wellness. Kids select from engaging themed topics like "Pleasure Reading," “Brains and Memory,” “Intro to App Design,” and “Sportscasting,” and earn Knowledge Badges by following their curiosity through research, creative hands-on tasks, and three open-ended long-term projects per year.
Life skills
At Prisma, kids get the chance to build key skills for lifelong happiness that aren't typically included in curriculum, like oral communication skills, financial literacy, habit formation, time management, and public speaking. In our weekly Life Skills workshops, learners engage in discussions, hands-on group projects, and frequent visits from expert guests.
Kids today are getting ready to enter a society fraught with challenges, and we think it’s never too early to start discussing world issues. With Prisma, learners develop their opinions and learn to express themselves confidently through rich Socratic discussions, following current events, and real-world service learning.
What if every child finished school with at least one deep passion that they had pursued to mastery? That dream becomes a reality at Prisma, where each student engages in many hours of deliberate practice to become an expert in at least one skill of their choice, from speaking Mandarin to playing guitar to fixing broken electronics.

A more accessible alternative

Access to a cutting-edge, high-quality education shouldn't depend on your zip code, and it shouldn't cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. At Prisma, we are striving to leverage technology to build a new kind of educational model that can reach more kids for less money than traditional private or alternative schools.

At-home-schooling on autopilot

We offer all the benefits of schooling at home (a flexible, self-paced, learner-centric education) without the usual frustrations. No more will parents need to source curriculum, worry about finding peer collaboration opportunities, or piece together assignments to create portfolios. We need families who are committed to our model, and we need a trusted adult to be at home while your child is learning, but that’s about it.

Who is Prisma for?

We think our approach will offer a more well-rounded education for any young person. We’re likely to be of special interest to the following groups.
Kids who say “I hate school”
It is heartbreaking how many students are prevented from being their best selves in their current school environment. Whether your child is craving the chance to go deeper or faster, frustrated by a lack of relevance, crushed by an unsupportive social environment, or stressed out by grades, homework, and early mornings, we've designed Prisma to be a place that brings joy back into learning.
Families disappointed by local options
Zip code should not determine your child’s access to a quality education, but it often does. If you think your child deserves a top-notch education that includes passionate, dedicated coaches, supportive peers, and a safe, inclusive environment and you can’t find this in your neighborhood, we may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.
Homeschooling families
For families who already homeschool or have always wished they could, we offer an easy approach that provides all the usual benefits (a flexible, self-paced, learner-centric education) without the usual challenges (finding curriculum, evaluating your child's progress, regular collaboration, etc.).
Rebels, idealists, and lifelong learners
If you believe learning can’t be measured only by test scores and grades, that learning can’t be limited to subjects like math and history, that learning should be about more than college prep to eventually land a good job, Prisma is your place! Join us in revolutionizing education while learning the way you've always wanted.
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