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The Top 3 Needs That Drive Families To Seek Innovative Approaches To Education, Kristen Shroff

The Homebrew School Builder's Club

Embracing New Pedagogical Models with Prisma's Emily Veno

Playology: A Case Study for Infusing Choice into Standards-aligned Unit Studies with Emily Veno

Ep.62 - Prisma - Global Virtual School: Unleashing Innovation & Learner Agency - CEO, Kristen Shroff

Jenny Clark podcast

Prisma: The World's Most Engaging Virtual School with Kristen Shroff

Sally Wilson podcast

LEARNING REIGNITED - for the love of it!

How Prisma Integrates Project Based Learning with SEA founder, Blair Lee, & Prisma CEO, Kristen Shroff

This Week in Edtech with Ben Kornell

Online alternatives to traditional schools: A conversation with Victoria Ransom from Prisma

Victoria Ransom: Don't sweat the Small stuff

Building a virtual educational program for kids with Victoria Ransom of Prisma

Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO at Prisma, The business Of reimagining 4-8th grade education

A tech founder's approach to home learning

Ep 60: Victoria Ransom and Prisma

Victoria Ransom (CEO, Prisma) on Remote learning for kids

Ep 57: Victoria Ransom on Entrepreneurship and the future of education

Ep 398: Education 2.0 with Victoria Ransom

Meet Prisma - Bringing joy and relevance to education with Victoria Ransom

The changing face of education with Victoria Ransom of Prisma

Ep 89: The online school equipping learners with 21st-century skills with Victoria Ransom, Prisma CEO

Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO of Prisma

Prisma and Entrepreneurship with Victoria Ransom

Ep 3: Victoria Ransom

Season 2, Ep 4: Full-stack, deep learning that feels like an emoji shower 🎉🎉

Ep 10: Victoria Ransom - Prisma & Connected Learning

Innovative education

Victoria Ransom on Prisma

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