98% of families are happier at Prisma

We make it a habit to ask families about their experience.
Here's some of what they've told us.

I am blown away by how much Jack has grown in such a short time. He is so much happier. Knowing that he is with a group who celebrates him instead of tearing him down, and is so patient as he learns, is such a relief. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but as a family we have been sort of traumatized by the public school system. It just wasn’t the right model of learning for Jack. I’m so glad we found Prisma!

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Allison V.  Prisma Parent

We are so impressed with Prisma. Daniella is so excited to learn. She wakes up every morning ready for school and eager to find out what the day will bring, and I can see her personality blossoming. Dani is so motivated to progress in her math learning now that she can go at her own pace. Thank you for everything... you guys are truly taking the worry out of homeschooling!

MaryAnn M. Prisma Parent
Parent of our online middle school gives a 5-star review

You are providing the type of education that I want for my daughter. The patterns of thinking I see her developing are things that I did not start thinking until I was well into my twenties.

Austin B.  Prisma Parent

Prisma is WAY better than all of my other options and WAY more fun. I️ like the independence. In elementary school, they were basically telling you how to think. I️ also love the flexibility and how you can grow.

Soren B.   Prisma Learner

When we recently asked Zoe about her experience so far with Prisma, she said “I really like Prisma because they encourage me to speak my mind. I really feel like I can have a voice.” This compared to other schools where “I only get to talk if I’m called on, and that’s hardly ever.” To hear this is HUGE for us. As parents of 2 daughters, our goal is to raise 2 thoughtful and independent women who find confidence in their respective voices.

Michael S.  Prisma Parent

One of his initial concerns was that, because it was digital, he wouldn't make any friends.  His favorite thing at dinner the other day was that "I made two friends already!" On the very first day, he told me that he loved that his teacher was so accessible. He said, "I called her and she actually picked up! AND she gave me just enough info to do what I needed WITHOUT giving the answer away!!!!" I am not exaggerating the number of exclamation points in his excitement at realizing that his learning coach cared and was there for him.

Tara S.  Prisma Parent

I have been incredibly impressed with Prisma. I was excited about the model when I first read about it; implementation has exceeded my high expectations. Every minute they spend seems meaningful and engaging. Ben is being challenged academically and personally. I'm already seeing him grow in how he organizes his time and takes ownership of his learning. I'm also seeing him step up as a leader in ways that are surprising and wonderful. I have listened in on many of the sessions and love hearing the substantive conversations that are happening and the way the coaches are skillfully building community. You're all doing an amazing job!

Nicole B.   Prisma Parent

Steffan is flourishing and we are so grateful we found Prisma. We share the Prisma values, and have been impressed that they are not only stated but put into practice. This is evident in Steffan learning to manage his work and talking to us daily about what he is learning. He is sharing his thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Steffan appreciates the silly moments in class (thanks to Lauren for seeing the value in this), the opportunity to be himself, and being able to work with a schedule that works for him and our family. I heard Steffan tell a friend this weekend that school was fun. I have never heard him say that before!

Beth C. Prisma Parent

Prisma's inclusive culture gives students a real sense of belonging. Both of our kids love their coaches! Neither girl has complained about the assignments or ever said they were bored (and since we review their work we agree, they are doing much more cool stuff than we got to do at their age!). And we've seen them both excited about math for the first time in their academic careers! We feel truly grateful to have found an environment where they are being pushed to develop important life skills while building content knowledge.

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Chapin S. Prisma Parent

Wesley loves Prisma--he's like a new person! It's so nice to see him excited about learning again.

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David S. Prisma Parent

Gabby went to sleep last night saying “I cannot wait for school tomorrow!” I think that’s a first.

Brad W.  Prisma Parent

You have found the absolutely perfect way to make online learning work. The combination of synchronous time, engaging hands-on projects, interesting academic content, stellar technology, fun group activities, etc. works beautifully. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Andrea O.   Prisma Parent

I have made a lot of new friends and I'm learning new things that I usually wouldn't learn in regular school.

Gabby W.  Prisma Learner

It’s been a joy to watch Cooper thrive this year in a way he has never been able to in conventional education environments or through independent homeschooling alone. Prisma has honestly changed our family’s life.

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Kym J.  Prisma Parent
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His sense of pride and accomplishment has gone through the roof. He has told all of our family and friends about his podcast. The research skills he is learning now will take him well into graduate school and beyond.

LaShonda S.  Prisma Parent

The kids mold the curriculum as much as the teachers.

Toby M.  Prisma Learner

Major has gone from hating school, being sad and in frequent trouble, and from feeling like he can't be himself to being much more confident and engaged. We have never seen him so engaged and on task with his course work like he is with his Prisma work. He loves it! He is so much happier and we are so proud of him. It's a perfect fit. Thank you!

Latasha H. Prisma Parent

Your focus on the kids as full individual humans with unlimited potential to be unlocked is the biggest reason we are proud to be a Prisma family!

Mary M. Prisma Parent

In the past we’ve unfortunately always needed to stay on him to read a book or to finish a book, most of the time I’ve had to sit with him to read and make sure it’s done. This is the first time Will has started and finished a book solo and LOVED it. We were floored that he did this himself and also could engage in conversation with us about what happened throughout the book. This was seriously a miracle.

Janelle T.   Prisma Parent

You are doing a fabulous job designing cutting-edge curriculum and helping Soren with his time management, communication and executive functioning. It takes a village and we are grateful he is in the Prisma village. We are thankful you believed in his potential.

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Moriah B. Prisma Parent

How much do we love Prisma? Let me count the ways... Prisma has been nothing but supportive and patient and has really given Jack confidence. He feels seen, supported, and loved which makes all the difference.  
We are seeing his growth and love it. I mention Prisma to everyone who will listen!  
Thank you so much for loving our kid and allowing him to thrive in such a safe and healthy environment. You have completely changed the way he sees education.

Wren W.  Prisma Parent

I love Prisma. It is a great school and it teaches you life skills and not just boring subjects. It is also interactive and almost like a family.

Grace B.  Prisma Learner

We absolutely love Prisma and are so grateful for the experience our kids are having. Some things we love are: the staff, the coaches, how much the coaches like and respect each other, how happy everyone seems to be in their roles, the organic friendships that are developing, the adaptability for each student, the noticing of each student's strengths, the support, and fun that they're having, and the fact that all 3 of our kids are willing to stretch happily! WE LOVE PRISMA!

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Lia N. Prisma Parent

We joined because I was looking for something to supplement what I was doing and some help on topics that were outside of my wheelhouse. Now… wow! Levi loves the kids and community. He is constantly think-tanking ideas for Prisma. He is looking for ways to be helpful and involved in the lives of others. He’s being challenged in his assumptions and worldviews. I have *never* signed up for something and gotten this much more than I anticipated. Lastly, the relationships he has formed with staff are beautiful!

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Joy J. Prisma Parent

We started because we just were so tired of watching Hattie come home from school exhausted. She was mildly happy at school. She was also "invisible". The quiet, good kid. We thought "there must be something more". But our "why" now is that we feel as though our kids are receiving an innovative education that will actually prepare them for life. They spend more time being "them" and learning how to thrive in who they are vs adapting to the demands of an overstressed school system.

Jenna W. Prisma Parent

Thanks for all of your help and for all of the support you are giving Nathan. His personal growth this year is off the charts. His grandparents have been going on and on about how impressed they are with his education and with what Prisma is doing.

Natalie J. Prisma Parent

I am happy to be excited for school and to have others to learn with. Homeschooling gets lonely and boring after a while!

Gianna P.  Prisma Learner

I am so over the moon with Prisma so far. You have made it so easy, and I haven't seen my son this engaged or happy in school in such a long time. My heart is singing.

Alyssa R. Prisma Parent

The culture is unmatched. Super inclusive and affirming. The positivity and full embrace of how we all learn differently and all learning matters equally is so valuable. It’s what the real world is. Thank you for encouraging learners that will have that intrinsically for their whole lives.

Katy B. Prisma Parent

I can’t express how life-changing this experience has been. The team at Prisma is on the verge of redefining education at scale and I am so honored to have been a part of the first families.

Natalie L. Prisma Parent

She has learned so much. Not only subject matter, but how to see things differently. How to research and consolidate data. How to collaborate and develop her critical thinking skills. The most amazing thing we have to say is that we are blown away by how much care and concern all the kids showed towards each other! I have never witnessed such kind, accepting, patient, inclusive human beings...ever!

Malka P. Prisma Parent

I wanted to take a moment to discuss Leena. She is, quite frankly, the most wonderful person I have ever met in education including any teacher I or my wife ever had, as well as either of my two children. I can't even imagine anyone doing more for one of her students. Her unrelenting positivity, faith in our son, and her fundamental goodness as a human being has forged a real bond with him, and with us. She has been the best part of the last year for us, and for my son.

Seth C.  Prisma Parent

I love that it’s so flexible and personalized and that the tasks are so creative.

Maya W. Prisma Learner

This has truly been an epic year of growth for Eammonn so far, and I am so grateful to his Prisma family for being such an integral part of that. The other day he said to me "Prisma is the only school I've been to that really feels like a community."

Candace C. Prisma Parent
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