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What families are saying about Prisma

Today, Prisma had my typically math-averse daughter working on her math assessments with motivation and dedication! Something I have failed to accomplish myself in several years of homeschooling. Additionally, I can already see her confidence growing. Our family cannot be more pleased.

Andrea Ofiara   Parent of Prisma learner

We are so impressed with Prisma. Daniella is so excited to learn and collaborate with her new friends. She wakes up every morning ready for school and eager to find out what the day will bring, and I can see her personality blossoming. We love that we can see the quotes from her discussions with her really helps us gain an insight into what she is learning. Dani is so motivated to progress in her math learning now that she can go at her own pace and we are very excited to see what she will accomplish. Thank you for everything... you guys are truly taking the worry out of homeschooling!

MaryAnn M.   Parent of Prisma learner

Prisma is the most supportive learning program I’ve ever been in. The teachers are the most kind teachers I’ve ever met!

Zoe S.   Prisma learner

Prisma is WAY better than all of my other options, and WAY more fun. I️ like the independence. In elementary school, they are basically telling you how to think. I️ also love the flexibility, and how you can grow.

Soren B.   Prisma learner

When we recently asked Zoe about her experience so far with Prisma, she said “I really like Prisma because they encourage me to speak my mind. I really feel like I can have a voice.” This compared to other schools where “I only get to talk if I’m called on, and that’s hardly ever.” To hear this is HUGE for us. As parents of 2 daughters, our goal is to raise 2 thoughtful and independent women who find confidence in their respective voices.

Michael S.  Parent of Prisma learner

It has been a true joy for us to listen in on his conversations and hear how he's working with others and excited to get the work done. One of his initial concerns was that because it was digital, he wouldn't make any friends.  His favorite thing at dinner the other day was that "I made two friends already!" On the very first day, he told me that he loved that his teacher was so accessible.  He said, "I called her and she actually picked up! AND she gave me just enough info to do what I needed WITHOUT giving the answer away!!!!" I am not exaggerating the number of exclamation points in his excitement at realizing that his learning coach cared and was there for him.

Tara Stand  Parent of Prisma learner

I have been so incredibly impressed with Prisma so far. I was excited about the model when I first read about it; implementation has exceeded my high expectations so far. Every minute they spend in both synchronous and asynchronous work seems meaningful and engaging. Ben is being challenged academically and personally in so many ways. I'm already seeing him grow in how he organizes and manages his time and takes ownership of his learning. I'm also seeing him step up as a leader in ways that are surprising and wonderful. I have listened in on many of the afternoon sessions and love hearing the substantive conversations that are happening and the way the coaches are skillfully building community among the learners. You're all doing an amazing job! Thank you for your hard work!

Nicole Breslow   Parent of Prisma learner

The attention and care for the kids is so clear and just exudes from the screen. It is so clear that there is a connection being formed—a bond between the kids and the coaches.

John Anderson  Parent of Prisma learner

Gabby has been very happy with her first couple days—and went to sleep last night saying “I cannot wait for school tomorrow!” I think that’s a first.

Brad W.  Parent of Prisma learner

You have found the absolutely perfect way to make online learning work. The combination of synchronous time, engaging hands on projects, interesting academic content, stellar technology, fun group activities, etc. works beautifully. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Andrea Ofiara   Parent of Prisma learner

I have made a lot of new friends and I'm learning new things that I usually wouldn't learn in my regular school.

Gabby W.  Prisma learner

Prisma is what I look forward to everyday. I have a voice, I can work at my own pace and the teachers are very understanding and supportive but they still push us.

Zoe S.   Prisma learner

It's much more welcoming and I feel much more comfortable and happy with Prisma than with a public school.

Emma M.  Prisma learner

The kids mold the curriculum as much as the teachers.

Toby M.  Prisma learner

I love the way the teachers communicate with me and collaborate to keep my child on track and work within their limitations to help them succeed.

Mary Canada  Parent of Prisma learner

Being able to work at her pace has been the most amazing thing for her. She's spent years being told to slow down, wait up, "we aren't there yet," or "you don't have to do that much." She has really enjoyed just getting to do the work her way at her pace. She's excited every day to start on her Prisma work, and it has changed the way she approaches everything she does! Thank you for your positive comments, feedback, and all your time so far!

Mary Reed  Parent of Prisma learner

Prisma has pushed me to learn things I would never learn in public school.

Ben B.  Prisma learner

Mey loves Prisma and she misses Prisma on weekends. I see her flourishing; her confidence, communication skills, the way She empathizes in the family... Such a beautiful transformation!

Canay Atalay  Parent of Prisma learner

I am proud of how I learned to learn again; before my intrinsic motivation was gone and I did not feel that I needed to learn but now it’s back and I love learning again.

Toby M. Prisma learner

We were so touched during Expo Day when the students rallied around one of their peers who was having a difficult time trying to present her project. In the thick of learning they seem to be in such a positive and encouraging atmosphere which was just amazing to witness.

Janelle Timbie   Parent of Prisma learner
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