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  • Learner is fluent in English
  • Learner is a rising 4th-10th grader
    (We offer a full high school experience and only admit new learners through 10th grade)
  • Learner has basic technology skills
  • Can operate within time zones UTC-11 to UTC+2
    Prisma not in your area yet? Join our waitlist
  • Consistently reliable internet connection
  • Quiet space to learn with limited distractions
  • Computer with a webcam and microphone designated for the learner's daytime use
  • Family provides appropriate in-person supervision according to learner age and maturity
  • Excited to be an active participant in our camera-on community
  • Comply with local education requirements, including homeschool registration in certain locations


Fall 2022

  • Kickoff & Community week: Aug 22 - 26
  • Learning cycle 1: Aug 29 - Oct 12
  • Learning cycle 2: Oct 13 - Nov 18

Winter 2023

  • Learning cycle 3: Dec 1 - Jan 31
  • Learning cycle 4: Feb 1 - Mar 13

Spring 2023

  • Learning cycle 5: Mar 28 - May 8
  • Learning cycle 6: May 9 - Jun 8


  • Schedule info session

Schedule an optional info session with a Prisma team member if you'd like to learn more before applying.

  • Submit application

Tell us who you are and why you want to join Prisma.

  • Interview via live video

This is a friendly conversation that allows us to get to know one another better. While the interview is primarily with the learner, we like to talk with their legal guardian during this time as well.

  • Receive decision

You'll receive a decision within a few days of completing your interview. (If you need financial aid, you'll receive your admissions and scholarship award decisions together.)

  • Onboard to Prisma

Once you decide to join Prisma, we'll send you onboarding resources and make sure you have all the tools you'll need to learn with us. New learners can join Prisma at the beginning of each cycle.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Prisma a good fit for?

Many kinds of families choose Prisma! Some Prisma families are experienced homeschoolers who are looking for a bit more community, or support teaching higher level academic subjects. Some Prisma families were previously enrolled in public or private schools that just weren't meeting the needs of their children: due to rigid, dry curriculum; ineffective teaching; lack of inclusion for kids who learn differently; a toxic peer culture; or some combination. Some Prisma families want to take advantage of the increased flexibility offered by learning online to travel the world, spend more time together, or pursue passions (some Prisma kids are professional actors or athletes). And some Prisma families simply realized that the old way of educating kids wasn't making sense for the 21st century and decided to join the revolution!

How do families apply to Prisma?

Before applying, you can schedule an optional info session with a Prisma team member to learn more. Your child will also have an opportunity to visit a Prisma workshop once you attend an info session.

The next step is submitting an application so we get to know your child and family. Financial aid applications are submitted as part of the regular application.

After reviewing your learner's application, if Prisma seems like a fit, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a learner interview. We want to meet both you and your child!

You'll receive a decision within a few days of completing your interview. (If you need financial aid, you'll receive your admissions and scholarship award decisions together.)

Once you decide to join Prisma, you'll begin onboarding and we'll make sure you have all the resources you'll need. New learners can join Prisma at the beginning of each cycle.

Our admissions page has more details about the application process.

I have more than one child. Can I enroll all my children?

Yes! We have many siblings at Prisma. (We recommend that your children each have access to a computer rather than sharing one).

Does my local school district need to know that I’m attending Prisma?

Prisma is an online private school, so you are not technically homeschooling in most areas when you enroll in Prisma. Because K-12 education is regulated at the state (and even local school district) level, we aren’t able to provide a singular response for what notification you may be required to provide or what steps you may need to take where you live. We’ve found that the majority of US states simply require a family to formally withdraw their child from public school—typically by filling out a form that can be obtained either online and/or at your local public school where you state the reason for not attending public school as attending private school instead. 

A minority of US states classify students who attend an online private school not specifically based in the student’s state of residence as homeschooled. To our present knowledge, CA, LA, MA, MD, NY and PA operate this way. If you live in one of those US states, you can reach out to your local district to learn how to homeschool in your local area.

You can also read about homeschooling in your state here or in your country (if located outside of the US) here.

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