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We no longer have openings for our Fall 2020 cohorts. We're very sorry for any disappointment this creates. We've heard from a lot of families that they would like to access various aspects of Prisma's learning model, so we will be working on making our curriculum and other elements of our program widely accessible.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Prisma a good fit for?

Learners who choose Prisma may be extroverted, introverted, funny, opinionated, pensive, gregarious, eager, reserved, a little bit rebellious, and everything in between! A bit of curiosity and adaptability goes a long way in enabling learners to flourish in our community, and basic digital skills for navigating online learning are important too (We can help with this). Our goal is to see every child who learns with Prisma brimming with self-esteem, the confidence to be their authentic selves, a strong sense of personal agency, and passion for at least one thing that deeply excites them. We also are committed to fostering a collaborative and community-oriented environment that encourages kids to thrive.

How do families apply to Prisma?

We are full for our Fall 2020 pilot cohort; however, we plan to accept a small number of learners for our Spring 2021 term (which begins in January 2021). Learn about the application process here.

I have more than one child. Can I enroll all my children?

Yes. (We recommend that your children each have access to a computer rather than sharing one.)

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We’re full for Fall 2020—but we’ll be launching more cohorts soon.
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