How we prepare kids for the world of the future

To ensure that our learners succeed in and significantly contribute to the 21st century, we have developed a proprietary educational framework. Prisma learners will be educated in all aspects of this framework.

Adaptive learning

Learners spend 90 minutes each day following their own academic learning plan. Each child is given an updated custom learning plan every five-week cycle based on their academic knowledge gaps, strengths, and goals. We utilize adaptive learning technology to give each learner exactly what they need—whether your child wants to accelerate several grade levels ahead in one subject while catching up to a grade level in another, or simply wants to move at their own pace, on their own terms.


Learners earn Badges by following the Investigate, Create, Share process to explore interdisciplinary topics and create projects. Kids choose from a library of Badges based on their interests, get feedback on their work from their peers and learning coach, and develop a rich portfolio of creative work. Past Badges have included Sportscasting, The Chemistry of Baking, and App Design.


Learners explore a new theme during each five-week learning cycle. We develop themes to be engaging, relevant, and rooted in urgent questions facing our world. Each theme comes with new Badges, new synchronous Workshops, and a resource library of the best texts, videos, and podcasts available. Upcoming possible themes include Cities of the Future, Prisma Newsroom, and All About Food.


Learners engage in 90 minutes of daily group learning time over live video. Instead of delivering lectures, coaches lead Workshops focused on the Practices above that take the following formats:

  • Standup
    Daily small-group check-in focused on social emotional learning, self-care, and connection
  • Writing workshops
    Live instruction and support in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Challenge workshops
    Game-based sessions where learners use their critical thinking and creative skills to solve mysteries, invent solutions, and practice teamwork
  • Debate & discuss workshops
    Learners respond to thorny questions and scenarios related to the cycle theme through structured group debates

Learning coaches & cohorts

The best way to develop a personal mindset of life-long learning is to find a community where these traits are valued, encouraged, and modeled. We select our learning coaches for their ability to support learners in developing their Personal Mindset—coaches mentor learners through weekly one-on-one meetings, regular written feedback, and family conferences every five weeks. Prisma Cohorts are groups of peers who support each other in setting goals, learning to give & receive feedback, and developing supportive relationships.

No grades & tests

Decades of research has shown that traditional assessment is detrimental to many of the traits and mindsets of life-long learning. It’s for this reason that Prisma learners receive feedback instead of grades on their work, and make projects to show mastery instead of taking tests.

What families are saying

Testimonial Image

My daughter is thriving in an environment that allows her to control her own destiny. I don't want to go back to the days of my daughter complaining about teachers and curriculum that she felt were negatively affecting her love of learning.

Brad White  Parent of Prisma learner
Testimonial Image

It has been a true joy for us to listen in on his conversations and hear how he's working with others and excited to get the work done.One of his initial concerns was that because it was digital, he wouldn't make any friends.  His favorite thing at dinner the other day was that "I made two friends already!”

Tarar Stand  Parent of Prisma learner
Testimonial Image

The attention and care for the kids is so clear and just exudes from the screen. It is so clear that there is a connection being formed—a bond between the kids and the coaches.

John Anderson  Parent of Prisma learner
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