Announcing Prisma East Asia and Oceania

Prisma has hundreds of learners across the Western Hemisphere. Along the way, we've gotten requests to launch cohorts in new time zones from families around the world who want to be part of what we’re building. Next up is East Asia & Oceania! 

Emily Veno
October 3, 2023

Word about Prisma has been spreading! 

  • "I love how the basic principles are research-based, and how the daily routine actually realizes them, as opposed to all other schools we checked out so far, where theory (marketing) and realization were never in the same league.” -L. Joseph N, Prisma Parent 
  • "My children are more excited to learn and feel truly supported by their school for the first time ever." -Jeanette S, Prisma Parent 
  • "I LOVE the enthusiasm and kindness of the coaches and the emphasis on creating social connections— my daughter has made friends who she is enjoying socializing with outside of school!" -Jessica G, Prisma Parent 

Since day one, our vision for Prisma has been to create a new kind of school: one where learners benefit from the close-knit community of a consistent peer cohort, while joining a global learning network with endless opportunities. Prisma learners get a real-world, project-based, research-backed curriculum developed by top education experts, driven by the power of personalized 1:1 coaching. They get ample opportunities to connect with peers who come from different countries and cultures, while still feeling like they’re part of a “one-room schoolhouse” in their cohorts. 

Three and a half years later, we now have hundreds of learners across the Western Hemisphere. And along the way, we've gotten requests to launch Prisma cohorts in new time zones from worldschoolers and families around the world who want to be part of what we’re building. By popular demand, next up is Prisma East Asia & Oceania

How It Works

  • Our first East Asia & Oceania cohort for learners in grades 4-6 will begin on January 29th, 2024 (we will expand to higher grades as we grow cohorts in the region).
  • Our founding Learning Coach will be David Waitzer, who has over a decade of experience as a teacher, coach, and educational leader.
  • Learners in East Asia & Oceania will experience the same Prisma Middle School program as their peers in North America and Europe, aligned to their time zone. 

Learners will engage in personalized, project-based learning in six themes covering all academic subjects through our unique interdisciplinary approach. They'll build community through daily live workshops full of collaborative simulations, debates about real-world issues, and academic skill building across the Humanities and STEM. Check out the East Asia & Oceania calendar and sample schedule here


Take it from some of the East Asia & Oceania families committed to joining us already: 

  • “We want our son to have opportunities that stretch him and help him become a good communicator, problem solver and team player. Prisma feels like an excellent fit, as project-based learning gives children real world skills whilst providing interesting and engaging activities.”
  • “We are from Australia and Canada and intend to spend more time in both countries. We are looking for flexibility to move between the two places, while maintaining continuity for our daughter with school and friends. After learning more about Prisma, it is definitely in alignment with our views on education, and the shortcomings of the current mainstream system. I am very excited by the method of learning, allowing children to explore and be in charge of their own learning style.”

How to Join Us

Interested in being part of the first families in Asia & Oceania to experience Prisma? 

  • Schedule a chat with our Admissions team to hear how Prisma’s personalized program might work for your family.  
  • Ready to apply? You can do so here
  • Share this post with any families who might be interested to make this the best founding community possible! 

Join our community of families all over the world doing school differently.

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