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Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO at Prisma, The Business Of Reimagining 4-8th Grade Education

A tech founders approach to home learning

Ep 60: Victoria Ransom and Prisma

Victoria Ransom (CEO, Prisma) on Remote Learning for Kids

Ep 57: Victoria Ransom on entrepreneurship and the future of education.

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Meet Prisma - Bringing Joy and Relevance to Education with Victoria Ransom

The Changing Face of Education with Victoria Ransom of Prisma

Ep 89: The Online School Equiping Learners With 21st Century Skills with Victoria Ransom, Prisma CEO

Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO of Prisma

Prisma and Entrepreneurship with Victoria Ransom

Ep 3: Victoria Ransom

Season 2 Ep 4: Full-stack, deep learning that feels like an emoji shower 🎉🎉

Ep 10: Victoria Ransom - Prisma & Connected Learning

Innovative Education

Victoria Ransom on Prisma