Prismarian Asher Nelson Rhymes His Way to Victory

First-time Poet Wins “Games for Change Student Challenge” with “Poem of PvZ”.



Poem of PVZ

By Asher Nelson

Although I’m not a poet, most wouldn't know it

But I’ll tell you this poem about PVZ

If you’re ready to follow along with me.

Crazy Dave, he doesn't shave

But he is very brave.

Zomboss, like a salad you never toss

You don’t fight him, you count it as a loss.

Major Sweetie, she’s not needy

But she is super cheeky!  

Sergeant Peel, he has a wit of steel

And he’s definitely not cute as a seal… 

Otto do, he’s tasks for two

His tasklist is a total zoo!

Rux, he wears a tux

And he makes the big bucks.

Chip, he’s kind of a shrimp

His fame is simply a wisp.

Peg Legpuller

His pride couldn't get any fuller! 

Mark, he’s afraid of the dark

Peel likes to be a snark to him.

Monkey, he’s not chunky

But he is a little funky.

Air Ron, he has no brawn

And he hates to mow the lawn.

Bingo-Bongo, he wouldn't last a day in the congo

He’d just rent a condo… 

Bart Barian, he turns all those bounties to carrion

He can’t be a vegetarian! 

Exposition Al, she’s an odd gal

But she is a pretty good pal! 

Tumbleweed Ted, he said

“Those tumbleweeds should all be dead!”

Dr. Real Doctor, he’s not a martyr

He looks like a crazy rocker!

Dandelion, she lives in a place that’s dry and

With a nice horizon.

Tim, he’s very dim

He can’t even swim.

Hugh D. Votee, he is dumb too, note he

Would hug a coyote!

Olds Cool, he wants to rule

But he is kind of a fool

Major Problem, it’s as big as a golem

And it is not solemn 

 Blight Cap, her mushrooms trap

And force a long nap…


Dreadwood, he might be misunderstood

But we know he’s not good

Well, I’m at 300 words, that was fun!

But time goes by like little birds… 





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