East Asia & Oceania Program

Welcome prospective Prisma East Asia and Oceania families!

Kristen Shroff
April 16, 2024

We’re excited to get to know you! We hope the below resources will make it easy to learn all about our East Asia and Oceania cohort.

Who can join Prisma East Asia & Oceania? 

Learners in Year 4-7 (US Grades 4-7 & UK/NZ Year 5-8) in time zones UTC+7 to UTC+12.

What is Prisma?

Check out this video where kids, parents, and staff break down Prisma's curriculum, coaching, and community-driven model of learning.

Meet Coach David!

David Waitzer is Prisma’s lead Learning coach for our founding East Asia and Oceania cohort.

“The best coaches support folks as they work towards their own goals while helping them evolve their efforts to align with their best interests.

I’m most excited about my role as a learning coach affording me the opportunity to meet each learner where they’re at and help them get to where they want to be.

There is so much value in highly individualized, interdisciplinary, project-based learning with lots of intentional support and communal growth—and that is what Prisma is all about!”

👋 Book a time to chat with David about Prisma!

You’ll get to ask all your questions, hear about whatever supports your decision making, and can register your child for a free live workshop or Prisma Experience Day.

Helpful Resources

Consider Prisma East Asia & Oceania parent perspectives as they talk about their learners’ (and their own!) experiences after just a few weeks: 


“We have been a self-directed family for about 6 years while we've traveled and explored the world. In 2024, my son's desire to focus more academically brought us to Prisma. It has been a great fit so far, he enjoys the live sessions and especially his coach, David. He is eager to complete the work and earn the badges. Prisma allows us to continue to slow-travel around the world without sacrificing the learning that my son craves. Our family travels to a new place every 2-3 years for work, and Prisma means my son won't have to start from scratch on school and friends. He is lucky because he now has the continuous virtual community and the local community we build in each location!” -Elizabeth A, USA, Australia, Greece, Tanzania

“When we started our homeschooling journey four years ago, we set out to build a primarily analog childhood for our daughters. We were very intentional with their digital engagement, pursuing tools that drew our kid's focus towards creating with technology rather than consumption. We have been genuinely surprised by how well Prisma has managed to match these values while also integrating teamwork and collaboration. Our eldest thrives in this adaptive environment that stretches her strengths and nurtures her interpersonal development.” -Clinton & Meech, Australia

“Discovering Prisma was like finding the missing piece in our adventurous puzzle of life and learning and making our dreams a reality. As a solo parent and entrepreneur, it's empowered my family unit to weave education, work, and travel into a vibrant tapestry unlimited by conventional boundaries. The support and connection from Prisma's staff and coaches have been pivotal, nurturing Savannah's curiosity and growth in ways that deeply align with my own vision and values on learning, growth and development. Prisma isn't just an educational platform; it's a community that genuinely champions the unique journey of each family, making the road less travelled a reality filled with endless possibilities.” -Karina M, Australia

“I wanted to find a supportive community that would help Ollie discover his love of learning, build community and be supported to learn in the best way for him. Our coach (David) has been absolutely brilliant, not only at building an encouraging, compassionate relationship with Ollie, but in actively working with me as his parent in a partnership. That's not to say it has been easy - Ollie has a number of additional needs so it's been a big shift for him, however it's one I can see he's ready for. Prisma is fulfilling its promise of flexing to my child to educate him in a way I believe, over time, will unlock a future that helps him achieve his dreams, on his terms. I am really excited for him!” -Sue W, Australia

“We found Prisma while looking for a school that would allow us to embrace our traveling spirit and maintain meaningful connections. At first, Reuben fell in love with his cohort's interactive community, as traveling with your parents can be lonely. Now, we all think that Prisma's innovative & highly individualised approach to education is the true gift. Reuben has shown astonishing emotional, academic and informational processing growth in such a short time. Coach David, our amazing cohort and continuous community are just a wifi connection away, no matter where our travels take us. Now Reuben feels more grounded as we move from place to place.” -Col & Sonja, South East Asia & Australia

"We loved my daughter's bricks-and-mortar school, but something big was missing. I was looking for something more extraordinary, where she could be the captain of her own ship. At the same time, being a dual-citizen family, pulled to opposite sides of the world due to family circumstances, we wanted a solution that would support our unique needs for flexibility and mobility while maintaining community, support, and continuity for our child. Violet is a very social, outgoing child, and we didn’t want to sacrifice this while moving around the planet. We could not be happier with Prisma; in fact, it has far surpassed our expectations. I love that she is an integral part of her own learning path. I wholeheartedly recommend Prisma to any parent seeking a school that values flexibility, travel, strong community spirit, and a learning model that includes the child in the process!" -Elizabeth, Tate & Violet, Canada & Australia

What about tuition?

Learn more about tuition & scholarships here. All costs are in USD. Click here to learn how we use tuition money to best serve our community.

What about Grades 8-12?

We will begin to offer our full, accredited high school program as our community grows! Prisma High School learners currently live between time zones UTC-10 to UTC+3. Join our waitlist to be among the first to know about Prisma’s Upper Middle School and High School cohort launches in time zones UTC+7 to UTC+12!

Join our community of families all over the world doing school differently.

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