Prisma LIVE

A live learning platform purpose-built for kids. It's a new, fun and engaging way for kids to learn and collaborate together virtually.
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“Prisma LIVE is cool! It makes learning a lot more fun and interesting than Zoom."

Ben B.
Prisma learner

Why kids love Prisma LIVE


An immersive learning experience, not a stale video conference

Prisma LIVE turns static lessons into interactive, dynamic experiences that alternate seamlessly and naturally between different views, interactive elements and layouts. Synchronous sessions are designed around story arcs with a timeline and a script that can be created in advance and edited on the fly.


A fun and creative space where personalities shine

We don’t expect classrooms to be sterile, boring environments, so why should video conferencing technology be so dry? We’ve designed our product to be fun, customizable and creative. Kids and educators can use skins, customize their avatars, visually express their emotions and decorate their personal spaces. We’ve also focused on providing ways for casual, spontaneous interactions that Zoom and other video products lack.


Giving kids autonomy while providing support at just the right time

We’ve designed our breakout rooms so educators can observe and hear what’s going on without disturbing learners. Educators no longer need to interrupt breakout discussions unnecessarily or cycle through rooms trying to understand what’s going on. With Prisma Live, educators can observe and only visibly join a room when their presence is really needed.


Educators can focus on the kids instead of juggling multiple tools

Expecting educators to facilitate a live virtual lesson while also managing content, observing the group, responding to chat, creating breakout groups and taking attendance is like trying to juggle with one hand tied behind your back. Our product automates as many of the lesson logistics as possible so educators can focus on what matters most: connecting with kids and providing a great learning experience.

“Prisma LIVE helps ensure that I am focused on facilitating the best possible workshop for my learners. Everything we need for the session is in one place, and I no longer juggle eight different windows at once!”

Claire Cummings
Prisma Learning coach
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