Inclusion Statement

Prisma is on a mission to provide a holistic, flexible, challenging, interest-driven education for all young people. We recognize that each learner is unique and that disability status or prior access to high-quality education does not predict a child’s potential or ability to learn. Because Prisma supports learners in moving at their own pace, making choices about their learning and structuring their schedule however is best for them, our academic program is customizable for learners with a wide range of ability levels and learning needs. Each learner, regardless of disability status, develops an individualized learning plan along with their Learning coach and family. When this plan is developed, special attention will be paid to how to best support each learner’s unique needs.

Supports that Prisma may incorporate into an individual learning plan include:

  • Adjustments of academic material to improve learner accessibility
  • Modifications to project requirements
  • Adjustments to experiential learning opportunities to account for individual needs
  • More structured social and academic schedules
  • Increased frequency of check-ins with Learning coach
  • Support connecting with tutoring or local special education services*

For learners who require more intensive academic or behavioral support, the Prisma team will review individual needs as part of the application process. If you have questions about whether Prisma could be the right fit for your child, we encourage you to contact We want to set each learner up for success, so we will turn away learners only if we feel we are not yet able to offer them the learning experience they need. Although we may not yet be able to accept every child with different learning needs into our cohorts, we are striving to increase our capacity to do so.

*Some states allow students with disabilities to access special education services from their local district. Prisma will work with families to determine if this is a possibility in your location.
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