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Join Prisma from anywhere in the USA this fall

July 27, 2020

Earlier this month, we launched Prisma, the world’s first Connected Learning Network and a complete reimagining of the homeschool experience. 

Although the core of our approach is at-home, virtual learning, we group our families geographically because we know how important in-person bonding, collaboration, and connection are to a holistic learning experience. So last week, we opened applications to join our first five cohort hubs: Chicago, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Tampa. 

But as we all know, millions of families are looking for ways to learn virtually this year. In-person collaboration within Prisma, if and when it happens, will have to look a bit different from how we initially envisioned it. 

And so as we’ve been inundated with requests to start Prisma cohorts all over the world—from families and groups of families who see the possibility of doing distance learning differently—we started to see little reason to leave anyone out. 

So that’s why, starting today, families can apply to join Prisma from anywhere in the United States. (We know it’s not everywhere in the world yet. We wish it was! Trust us, we’re working on it.) 

Here’s how it will work. You can still apply to any of our five founding cohort hubs (Chicago, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, or Tampa) if you live nearby. If your family lives somewhere else in the US, you’ll apply for our fully virtual option. 

Then, if you’re offered membership to Prisma, we’ll place you in a cohort of other families in your time zone, led by one of our excellent Learning coaches also based in your time zone. We do it this way because we think our synchronous activities are best experienced in the mid to late-morning, all together with your cohort. We will do our best to form cohorts of families who live as close to one another as possible, so who knows—if we get a lot of interest in your area, you may end up with a locally-based cohort after all. One more reason to tell your friends about Prisma! 

As Prisma grows, we hope to have Learning coaches and cohorts based all over the world. So, just because your family starts with us virtually doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay that way. 

If you’re ready to learn more, join us for one of our Live Q&As this week and next, or dive into our FAQs. After that, apply soon. Spots in all cohorts are limited!

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