Our mission is to increase human potential

Prisma is a new category in education; a locally-rooted, globally connected co-learning network that aims to give millions of kids a better future, starting today.

Our purpose

It’s often said that if a person were to time travel from a hundred years ago to today almost everything about our world would be unrecognizable except our schools, which would look largely the same. Isn’t that crazy? That the system we entrust to prepare young people for meaningful lives and which is the very foundation of our ability to solve future world challenges has hardly changed in the past one hundred years? The world is changing faster than ever before, and the future is one we can hardly begin to imagine, and yet our education system is stuck in neutral. For the sake of our young people who are expected to thrive in this uncertain future and for the sake of our world, which faces challenges and opportunities like never before, we must completely and thoroughly rethink education, and we must do it now. This is Prisma’s purpose.

Our story

We, the founders, are repeat entrepreneurs who’ve spent most of our careers in technology. Like so many parents, our worldview changed upon the birth of our three children. Suddenly the world’s challenges and our rapidly changing future felt very urgent and very personal. How, we wondered, could we prepare our children to thrive in a tumultuous, ever-changing world where we can’t even begin to imagine the careers that will exist? We saw our young children’s passion for learning, joy for life, and supreme confidence and felt sure they’d be ok. But then we heard about older children who hated school, who struggled with anxiety or depression or bullying, who were shells of their former happy selves. Might this one day be our kids? This was the beginning of our quest to completely reimagine school. Prisma is for our children, and hopefully for yours too.


We’re a small but mighty team of educators, entrepreneurs and global citizens. Collectively, we’ve started a successful charter school from the ground up, reimagined learning at the Harvard Creative Computing Lab, pursued moon shots at Google and built successful technology startups.

Victoria Ransom
Founder & CEO
Emily Veno
Learning Experience Designer
Ashley Harrington
Chief of Staff
Alain Chuard
Founder & President
Kristen Shroff
Learning Experience Designer
Dominique Kunz
Product Manager
Leena Williams
Learning Coach
Tiffany Chan
Learning Coach


We are a fully distributed team spread across the globe and are looking for passionate and ambitious people to join our rapidly growing company. We offer competitive compensation, flexibility, a healthy work-life balance, and, most importantly, meaning and purpose in your work. Be part of our mission!

No-code operations expert
Learning coach

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